Pest Control

Mosquito and Tick Diseases Triple in 12 Years

If it seems like every time you turn around there’s a new warning about a brand-new disease being spread by mosquitoes. It’s true. CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, has just released a report detailing reported illnesses from ticks and mosquitoes in the years from 2004 to 2016 in the U.S. and its territories.…

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Carpenter Bees! Woodpeckers don’t help!

The spring activity of carpenter bees generates concern primarily because the bees are large, and the male can be noisy and threatening although he can’t sting. Carpenter bees, though, are solitary bees and are not part of a colony. The bees are usually seen in pairs although several pairs can be working the same area.…

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Getting to know the Fruit Fly

fruit fly

Adult flies are tiny, about 1/8-inch (3-4 mm) long and rather chunky. They have short, 3-segmented antennae and a pair of large wings that overlap over the back and rest. The wings have a prominent cross vein that helps ID the fly. Eye color ranges from bright red to dark red. Body color ranges from…

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Fall Invaders

stink bug

Occasional invaders is one term that we use to describe those pests that enter structures periodically, and only under certain circumstances. They are not permanent indoor residents that are able to successfully reproduce indoors. Most occasional invaders are normally outdoor pests. Some are foundation pests found in mulch, woodpiles, and plants around the perimeter of…

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Bed Bug Bites, More than you wanted to know…

bed bug

Although bed bugs will feed on other animals if they have to, they prefer human blood. All active stages of bed bugs feed on blood: nymphs, and adult males, as well as Although bed bugs will feed on other animals if they have to, they prefer human blood. All active stages of bed bugs feed…

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How to kill Bed Bugs by Washing


When doing bed bug work, we tell customers that they need to clean or launder their clothing and linens to kill any bed bugs present. Bed bugs don’t live in clothes like body lice but they will hide in clothes or shoes. And it’s very likely that some bed bugs will be found on bed…

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Myths On Yellow Jacket Stings

yellow jacket

I have had a few Yellow jacket calls in the last couple weeks. I figured I would share some things I read. After a recent Interstate Pest Management Conference in Maryland, yellow jacket researcher Dr. Al Greene presented practical research debunking much of what we think we know about yellow jacket stings. MYTH #1 –…

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Landscape Modification For Helping Pest Control


Excluding Pests Through Landscape Modification Landscape modification is not the only solution to to keep all pests away, but modifying a landscape to make it less conducive to pest infestation will go a long way to keep out the pests. Most people enjoy a beautiful home environment full of trees, shrubs, landscape beds and other…

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