Green Pest Control

Green Pest Control is not about pesticides. It is about the overall approach to pest management in a manner that reduces the impact on the environment.

Green Pest ControlNot all natural pesticides necessarily fit into Green Pest Control. It is the manner in which the product is applied that is of importance. Products such as enclosed insect bait stations may be labeled as Green, even though the active ingredient is synthetic. Green Pest Control awaits a specific definition and pest control leaders may be working to achieve this. From the opinions of many pest management professionals there are clear similarities between Green Pest Control and Integrated Pest Management. In the overall goal of reducing any negative impact on the environment, while still managing pest problems that affect our customers, Integrated pest management emphasizes the following steps:

  • Proper identification of the pest and understanding of its biology and habits.
  • Habitat modification to remove conditions conducive to the pest presence.
  • Exclusion to prevent entry to structures.
  • Inspection and monitoring to verify the presence of the pest.
  • The use of non-chemical control measures where appropriate and effective.
  • The use of the least hazardous products where appropriate and effective.

Organisms cannot differentiate between Natural and Synthetic products. It is the mode of action, not the source that is the concern. Many resources will clearly state that just because a substance is Natural one cannot assume it is therefore without risk. Many natural pesticides may also contain Synthetic pesticides.

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