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Tired of annoying mosquito around your home?
Mosquito Habitats
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Not only are mosquitoes a nuisance, but they carry a multitude of potential diseases and viruses such as:

West Nile Virus
Yellow Fever
Eastern Equine Encephalitis
Dengue Fever
Zika Virus

Mosquito Reduction Programs deliver great results!

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Mosquitoes thrive from the start of spring to the end of fall. During these months, we target your entire property by eliminating the elements that mosquito need to thrive. By focusing on your property we can kill what is present. This successfully eliminates the majority of these dangerous and annoying biting insects.

We use a two-step appoach in our Mosquito Reduction Program:

We will inspect your property for mosquito breeding sites and let you know how to eliminate them. Female mosquitoes deposit their eggs into standing bodies of water or those areas that will soon be covered with water so it is important to eliminate these areas. We will treat the breeding sites with a larvacide if necessary.
We will treat around your home to reduce the majority of the adult biting mosquito population. Including but not limited to bushes, trees, and shrubs around the home.

Below is a few Mosquito control tips:

  • Dispose of any tires. Tires breed thousands of mosquitos annually
  • Drill holes in the bottom of recycling containers
  • Clear roof gutters of debris
  • Clean pet water dishes regularly
  • Check and empty children's toys outside. (This is a big one I see a lot parents!)
  • Change the water in birds bath at least once a week. (I do¬†larvacide if this is not feasible)
  • Avoid water collecting on pool covers
  • Plug tree holes
  • Even the smallest of containers that can collect water can breed hundreds to thousands of Mosquitoes. They don't need much water to lay their eggs, (bottles, barrels, buckets, overturned garbage can lids, flower pots, cups, soda cans, etc.)
  • Aerate artificial ponds