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If you are a homeowner, you already carry insurance to protect your home from fire, flooding and other tragedies. Most people never think of having insurance for termites. Termites cause more damage than fires, floods, and tornadoes combined. The best way to protect your home is to establish a routine maintenance program.
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We perform Free Termite Inspections. You and your home will receive the highest level of service and technical expertise in the industry. We offer several options for termite protection Termidor Liquid treatments, Advance Termite Baiting Systems and Borate wood treatments. Your home will be protected against termite infestation and the damage they cause. When our company performs maintenance inspections, we look for signs of termite activity, water leaks, moisture issues and other problems that could be damaging to your home. You will receive a detailed report after each visit outlining any problems or recommendations. We have saved homeowners thousands of dollars by finding problems that would normally go undetected.

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We have several payment options available and will work around your busy schedule for appointments. We will be able to detail all treatment and payment options with you at time of inspection or on the phone.

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Termidor Pricing

Linear Footage: (outside walls of home)

Foundation Type:

Slab Crawl Space Basement

Price Includes treatment and first years damage repair warranty. Annual renewal for damage warranty is $160.



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