How To Kill Bed Bugs By Washing

When doing bed bug work, we tell customers that they need to clean or launder their clothing and linens to kill any bed bugs present. Bed bugs don't live in clothes like body lice but they will hide in clothes or shoes. And it's very likely that some bed bugs will be found on bed linens and mattress covers. Unfortunately, we don't always give details as to just how to wash clothes for best results. 

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Pest Proof Exterior Doors To Keep Rodents Out

Just like people, mice and rats commonly use doors to enter buildings, but they typically go under them rather than through them. To rodent proof a door, you can install door sweeps and thresholds at the bottom, and weather seals or weather stripping around the sides and top. 

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The Why Of Termite Swarms

Why Do Termites Swarm? Reproductive swarm is one way that termites start new colonies. Budding or splitting a colony into smaller pieces is another way. In a mature termite colony, sexually mature winged reproductives (or alates) are produced. When the time is right (see below), these future queens and kings leave the colony, flying low for only a ...

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Myths On Yellow Jacket Stings

I have had a few Yellow jacket calls in the last couple weeks. I figured I would share some things I read.

After a recent Interstate Pest Management Conference in Maryland, yellow jacket researcher Dr. Al Greene presented practical research debunking much of what we think we know about yellow jacket stings. 

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Landscape Modification For Helping Pest Control

Excluding Pests Through Landscape Modification

Landscape modification is not the only solution to help all pests away, but modifying a landscape to make it less conducive to pest infestation will go a long way to keep out the pests.
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